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    The smoke alarms installed on this property have been inspected, cleaned, have had a new battery installed and tested with both canned smoke and with the test button as recommended by the manufacturer and as required under the Fire & Rescue Act 2006 and AS3786-1993
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    Class 1a buildings – This property satisfies the requirements of Part of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in that smoke alarms are installed on or near the ceiling in (a) any story containing bedrooms and the remainder of the dwelling, and (ii) where bedrooms are served by a hallway, and (b) any other hallway containing bedrooms.

    Extracted from BCA Part 3.7.2. SMOKE ALARMS – A smoke alarm is also required on each other story that is not already provided with a smoke alarm. It should be noted that smoke alarms are required to be installed in other story’s even if those other story’s consist of only car parking, bathrooms, laundry and the like. If the other story is not connected to the remainder of the building (for instance a ground floor garage) then the alarm should be centrally located in the lower area.


    Australian Standard AS1851.15-1997 sets out the requirements for the regular maintenance of the local fire detection and alarm systems designed and installed in accordance with AS1670.1 and 2. Regular maintenance includes inspection and testing procedures; the smoke alarms on this property have been inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with the relevant procedures in Section 3 of AS1851.15. In particular the smoke alarms have been checked for secure installation and fitting, fitted with new batteries (except for smoke alarms with non-removable lithium batteries), checked for operation using the test button, checked for operation using canned smoke, cleaned and tested for decibel output to meet a minimum of 75dba. New installations (if any) fitted by Chickelec meet the requirement of Australian Standard AS1670.6-1997.


    This property satisfies the requirements of the Building Code of Australia as well as the Fire and Rescue Service Amendment Act 2006 in relation to smoke alarms.