Pricing Calculator


Just thought I would mention I still have an up-to-date pricing calculator of the website. It’s a great chance to throw around some ideas and make some of those dreams possible by know all the costs.

If I have found out anything it is people are usually a little concerned about what a trades-person is going to cost so on top of the pricing estimation online I also offer free quotes and advice.

Feel free to have a play.


Before the Summer Power Bill – Free Energy Audits!!

The Summer in Townsville is coming and we all know what that means, Big Power Bill! What some people don’t realise is something as simple as those old light bulbs and/or downlights may be contributing to that power bill more then you know. Some of these light fittings also cause excessive heat therefore reducing the efficiency of your air conditioners – The more your air conditioner has to work the higher your power bill.

I would like to offer my time to audit your energy usage in your household or business and just a friendly chat on where we may be able to improve your energy consumption. All we need is an hour of your time possibly resulting in money back in your pocket.

Please give me a call for a chat on 0400706332 or shoot me an email on

Image courtesy of Clipsal.